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Stable and Reliable 600T Friction Welding Technology

  After the successful trial run of the 600t friction welding machine which was jointly developed by Caston and Harbin Welding Technology Research Institute in September 2015, the company has put the 600t friction welding machine into trial production. The max welding capacity of the product is Φ300mm * 40mm, currently the largest diameter in domestic market, which provides effective guarantee for the welding and manufacturing of large drill pipe and large axle parts.
  Through the test conducted by authoritative inspection organization, each physical performance index of the drill pipe meets the ASTMA370-14 and ASTME18-14 petroleum drill pipe welding standards.
  The large quantity order for 168mm and 194mm drill pipe has been delivered to the customers and put into use in the job site. The product has been proved to have stable performance and reliable technology during the application, and the customer has recognized Caston as its first supplier.