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The Big Inertial Friction Weld Machine is Coming. Drill pipe Diamerter Under 500mm,Yes,We Produce!

The main unit of the euipment is composed of machine tool, main transmission device, tool joint chuck, main spindle, hydraulic system clamping device, in-line flashing cut device, electrical and monitoring system, etc .
It has learn from the advanced inertial friction welding machine characteristics. More good progress has been made in production practices.
Technical parameters of 500 ton inertial friction welding machine: the maximum clamping outer diameter is Ф500mm, and the maximum welding area (carbon steel) is 40,000mm².
Application of 500 ton friction welding machine: The equipment is mainly used in Aerospace, Military products,Automotive Industry and Mining, Oil drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) and other fields.
At present, the largest model of inertial welding machine in China is MTI400, which is mainly used for welding oil drill rods. Its upset force is 250 tons and welding accuracy is 0.5 mm. The other two MTI480s are used for welding engine turbofans and other parts, and their maximum forging tonnage is 370 tons. After the completion of this equipment, the equipment and the corresponding production line can become the most accurate inertial friction welding machine in China. Our scientific research team will continue to develop the 1,000-ton inertial friction welding machine, and at the same time, we will move towards higher welding accuracy.